Miracle Toddler - Ages 18 months to 3 years
Children are accepted from 18 months, and will stay in the unit until they are three years old. This unit follows the guide to individual learning.
miracle toddler Children need to have fun!
They are small only for such a short time!!!...We want to give them every opportunity to enjoy every aspect of their time with us.

Your child will learn through their play, using water, sand and other mediums. They absorb many different concepts, including both mathematical and linguistic. Simple skills, including pouring, lifting, handling, measuring, all develop from these very small beginnings. Each group follows a structured day filled with interesting activities. Children will participate in story sessions, number games, music and many art and creative sessions.
miracle toddler Your toddler's day @ Miracle Hands
Your child will grow into his or her own person, getting ready to tackle the next challenge - play group!
Language and Communication
Children develop a rich vocabulary as they are exposed to a variety of books and literacy materials. Daily read-alouds, songs, word games and conversations enable your child to begin building a solid foundation in language and communication.
Social and Emotional Development
Children build a sense of community as they interact with each other through daily activities, such as games and songs. Our teachers work with your child to develop self-help skills and the ability to negotiate his or her environment independently
Cognitive Development
Our program offers daily opportunities for children to count, recognize numbers and shapes, and experiment with volume and measurement. Inclusion in daily routines and imaginative playtime gives your child the opportunity to further develop skills in numbers and operation, mathematics, and measurement.
Creative Arts
Children will learn to express themselves as they are introduced to various artistic activities such as dancing, painting and pretend play. Your child will learn about cause-and-effect relationships and self-expression through the arts and music, and will begin to share his or her knowledge in new ways with other children.
Physical Development
Our classrooms and equipment are designed so that children can safely explore their environment. By keeping active, your child will improve coordination, build motor skills and discover his or her physical abilities.