About Us
Miracle Hands – Centre for Early Childhood Education is the Pre- School education facility of Miracle Hands Private Limited, a family owned company incorporated in 2009. The school was the brain child of a wife and a mother of 3 with a passion for early childhood education and her supportive husband.

Mrs. Gillian Fernando, co- founder and the principal of Miracle Hands is a qualified early childhood educator. Her overseas experience with international pre- schools and working with multi-national children has been of significant influence to the differentiation Miracle Hands aims to create in Sri Lanka.

The facility offer preschool education and daycare facility to children from 18 months and is open from Monday through Friday from 7.40 am to 5.30 pm. (except poya and public holidays).
Our units are as follows:
  • Toddler – 18 months to 3 yrs
  • Foundation - 3yrs to 4 years
  • Reception - 4yrs to 5 ½ years
  • Day Care- 18 months and up
  • Activity Center - 4 yrs to 8 yrs

We at Miracle Hands strive for excellence and are committed to the following aims and objectives:
  • To provide an environment for learning, offering the highest standards in child care.
  • To understand the child as an individual. Identify and provide for the needs of that individual.
  • To encourage self discipline and awareness of others.
  • To direct the child towards new discoveries, assisting in the formation of concepts by a careful structured curriculum. The curriculum aims to provide the variety of both teaching and experience, necessary to stimulate curiosity, develop understanding and consolidate learning.
  • To develop literacy and numerical skills necessary to give the optimum opportunities at all levels.
  • To provide the means by which the child can be creative. The curriculum will allow the widest interpretation involving children in linguistic, aesthetic and technological creativity.
  • To develop the concentration skills of listening and observing.
  • To provide for physical play allowing the development of co-operation, gross motor skills and social interaction.
  • To provide facilities for play, to encourage emotional development and social awareness.
  • To provide a moral framework whereby children can learn to understand their responsibilities towards both themselves and others.