Miracle Day Care- Ages 18 months and up
Children are accepted from 18 months and up. Our day care strives to give your child the care and attention he or she would get at home. In doing so, we will make an utmost effort to make Miracle day care a home away from home.
The day care provides the appropriate toys and equipment for all children in accordance to their individual age and stage. The facility consists of a quiet, cozy area where the younger children can toddle and use the toys specially designed for them.

The Staff are trained in child care and day care and will interact to develop social and language skills so essential to stimulate at this age.

Children have fun engaging in for 'messy' activities such as; sand and water play, play dough, junk modeling, painting and gluing, etc.
The facility has many different kinds of stimulation. Children can use all their senses to absorb the world around them, in this safe comfortable environment, with their teachers ready to encourage, and take the lead to help and understand all levels of communication.  They are also taught table manners and special social skills.

The children can take part in the activities planned for the day. Staff has a weekly timetable to enable activities to take place within the room or outside, weather permitting. Older children who come into our day care center from mainstream schools will be helped with their home work and other activities.
We appreciate the importance of rest for your child. The sleep mats are placed next to this room, to enable easy access if children are tired and in need for a little nap.

Hence when it is all over, and they are just so tired, we will facilitate such need…..