Message from the Principal
Dear Parents/Guardians

A warm welcome to Miracle Hands, our Pre-School, Daycare & Activity Center.

We are a family owned and family run company. Therefore the value of a family is well appreciated by us.  Your child is important to us as he or she is to you and will become a part of our family here within Miracle Hands.

At these early ages, we know the best kind of learning happens when children are having too much fun to notice. Our program will keep your child engaged with an all-fun but carefully structured curriculum, all in our safe, trusted, and familiar environment. Your child will take part in the activities planned for the day. We have a weekly timetable to enable activates to take place within the room or outside, weather permitting.
"We are blessed to have such a wonderful environment of over 2000 sq. feet of garden and lawn; the children interact with nature, and play with a wide variety of materials, enjoying the outside area as much as possible"
The "right" preschool can help children be better prepared for the academic challenges and equally importantly the social interaction that come with mainstream schooling. But "right" may mean different things to different children, because each child develops at a different pace. At miracle hands we strongly believe and advocate that "Each child is an individual"- it is Miracle Hand's philosophy!

We know that selecting the right pre- school can be challenging to parents. I invite you to come visit our facility to help you make that important decision.

Thank you

Yours sincerely

Gillian Fernando

Gillian Fernando- Dip(Early Childhood Education)/Dip(Child Psychology-UK)