Miracle Reception – Ages 4 - 5 ½ years
Your child's day at the Miracle Reception

Expansive Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum includes reading, language, arts, math, science, social studies, music and physical fitness. Your child will get the best of everything, to make the transition into first grade smooth

Teachers at Miracle hands organize unique activities that are designed to support your child's social, physical, emotional and intellectual development. Here your child will receive the necessary tools to move into as well as thrive in, the final phase of his or her early education-all while having fun.
Language and Literacy
Each day we focus on age-appropriate literacy objectives, including letter recognition, letter sounds and emerging writing skills. Children are well on their way to becoming a wiz when it comes to reading and writing.
Children engage in the exciting work of numbers as they sort, construct, classify, and match. They also learn counting, measuring, and a variety of math skills.
Creative Arts and Music
Participation in creative arts and music allows children to showcase their talents. Exposing children to works by master artists and then asking them to create their own interpretation inspires children to find their own unique voice.
Scientific Discovery
Your child's mind for science will become stronger through hands-on experiences when he or she learns to predict results, test ideas and draw conclusions. As an explorer in this new world, your child will examine and use various tools of discovery.