Miracle Hands- A Special place.
Hashima & Shiraj ( Zaara's mum and dad)

Hi Gil, Thought we should drop a few lines to say Thank you to Miracle Hands. Your concepts and activities are exceptional “our daughter loved coming to school ! When it time was time to enroll Zaara for Preschool, we as any other parent would do; was on a preschool hunt !!Searching for the best, safest and the most fun place to send our precious one. We wanted the first ˜school "experience to be a wonderful one. After having visited many so called ˜preschools in Colombo (we actually drop-in unannounced to see for our-self the quality of work, handling and child care abilities) - We thought it was just a nightmare out there. Couldn't believe how parents would enroll their kids at some of these places !! There were many safety issues, more kids less teachers, unhygienic toilets, boring school times, overload of work (forgetting they are kids and not in campus !!)the list goes unbelievably on and on. We had many sleepless nights thinking that Zaara won't find a good preschool. Most people advised us not to make a big issue of this and any school would do -but we didn't agree. This was for our first born and we wanted the best. I remember dropping in at your school, walking through the class room, checking the table for dust and peeking into the toilets “ Miracle hands came in as a miracle indeed“ thought this was the right place with right attitude. We loved the white fence in the garden with a well maintained green, the wind chimes and colorful fans used for decorations. The cozy class rooms and children's books available at their reach made us feel we wanted to go to preschool ourselves again ! After the first day of school - our daughter loved the teachers and activities at school, she had made many friends. Zaara was not a shy little girl anymore “ she loved it and we loved her for it !! She enjoyed the ˜Pool day" a lot and wouldn't stop talking about it for days after the event. She still talks about the "Silver medal" she won at your first Sports meet !! Gil “ I believe you have made our daughter love school and have thought her to have fun while learning. This is exactly what every preschool should do and this embarrassingly small acknowledgement is to say that we believe ˜Miracle Hands" have done it !
Wow!!! never seen a pre-school concert of this nature !!

Dear Mrs. Fernando and staff Me and my family had a wonderful time at your concert. Honestly we have never seen a pre- school using the children's potential in the way you all do. it was unbelievable what you'll have achieved with these toddlers and the discipline you all have instilled in them...amazing...thank you for a great evening
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