We will always remember you

Just thought I should let you guys know that Matthew is now well settled in Canada, and is attending a new day care. He often remembers his friends Athil, Dinaya, and Namindu. He also still remembers Aunty Jacky, Aunty Judy, and Aunty Jillian. You guys gave my little boy so much attention and a solid foundation for being the wonderful little person he is today. We will always remember your school and all the little miracles within. With all our love Matthew and Marianne
Is it school today???
Yung & Dharika Tsung (Samuel's Mum and Dad)

We enrolled Samuel just before his 2nd birthday and it was his first time out in the world.We had gone to so many preschools and screened them thoroughly and MIRACLE HANDS felt right. But we wanted to see his reaction. From the moment go...it was his 2nd HOME!! There is love,attention,discipline and complete care given round the clock. He wakes up asking...IS IT SCHOOL TODAY? and simply doesn 't understand why his teachers need a break over the weekend :) He has learnt so much through the Water Day,Earth Day,Children's Day,Sports Day and every celebration . He has learnt through writing,singing and even play. Thank you Gillian and every teacher for all the time and effort you put into teaching our children. Our Samo has definitely grown and bloomed into a lovely 3 year old whom we 're so proud of. Thank you for playing a BIG part of it MIRACLE HANDS!! .
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